Grades 9-12 National Science Education Standards

Building the ROV

I. Physical Science

A. Motions and Forces (12BPS4 national)
1. Laws of motion (12BPS4.1 national) Gravity (12BPS4.2 national)
2. Electric force (12BPS4.3 national)
3. Electric forces acting between matter (12BPS4.4 national)
4. Electromagnetic force (12BPS4.5 national)
B. Conservation of energy and increase in disorder (12BPS5 national)
1. Conservation of energy (12BPS5.1 national)
2. Kinetic, potential, or energy contained in a field (12BPS5.2 national)
3. Heat and temperature (12BPS5.3 national)
4. Increase in disorder over time (12BPS5.4 national)
C. Interactions of energy and matter (12BPS6 national)
1. Waves (12BPS6.1 national)
2. Electromagnetic waves (12BPS6.2 national)
3. Conductors and insulators (12BPS6.4 national)

I. Science as Inquiry (12ASI national)

A. Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry (12ASI1 national)
1. Identify questions and concepts (12ASI1.1 national)
2. Design and conduct investigations (12ASI1.2 national)
3. Use technology and mathematics (12ASI1.3 national)
4. Formulate scientific explanations and models (12ASI1.4 national
5. Analyze alternative explanations (12ASI1.5 national)
6. Communicate a scientific argument (12ASI1.6 national)
B. Understandings about scientific inquiry (12ASI2 national)
1. How physical, living, or designed systems function (12ASI2.1national)
2. Scientists conduct investigations for a variety of reasons (12ASI2.2 national)
3. Use of technology (12ASI2.3 national)
4. Use of mathematics (12ASI2.4 national)
5. Scientific explanations (12ASI2.5 national)
6. Communicating results of scientific inquiry (12ASI2.6 national)

VI. Science and Technology (12EST national)

A. Abilities of technological designs (12EST1 national)
1. Identify a problem or design an opportunity (12EST1.1 national)
2. Propose designs and choose between alternative solutions (12EST1.2 national)
3. Implement a proposed solution (12EST1.3 national)
4. Evaluate the solution and its consequences (12EST1.4 national)
5. Communicate the problem, process and solution (12EST1.5 national)
B. Understanding about science and technology (12EST2 national)
1. Scientists in different disciplines use different methods (12EST2.1 national)
2. Science helps drive technology and technology helps drive science (12EST2.2 national)
3. Creativity, imagination, and knowledge are all required in the work of science (12EST2.3 national)

VII. History and nature of science (12GHNS national)

A. Science as a human endeavor (12GHNS1 national)
1. Individuals and teams contribute to the specific enterprise (12GHNS1.1 national)
B. Nature of scientific knowledge (12GHNS2 national)
1. Scientific explanations must meet a certain criteria (12GHNS2.2 national)
C. Historical perspectives (12GHNS3 national)
1. Changes in science usually occur in small modifications (12GHNS3.2 national)
2. Some advances in science have important long lasting effects (12GHNS3.3 national)
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