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We recognize the challenges that teachers and schools face in looking for funds to bring their students new and exciting programs. Every aspect of the SeaPerch program was designed with these challenges in mind.

Cost Summary

In total, a basic SeaPerch Kit (including battery and charger) costs $179. A Tool Bag containing tools that can be used for multiple SeaPerch builds (and reused year after year!) costs $249. We recommend purchasing one Tool Bag for each ten kits.


Parts are Inexpensive, Easy to Find & Replace 

We've made every effort to find the cheapest, most accessible parts for everything on the SeaPerch. We wanted to make every bit of a SeaPerch easy to find and replace. This allows SeaPerch to be used in diverse settings, from classrooms that have very little money in their budget to schools that receive outside funding from supporting groups.

Educators are Able to Control Costs

Among the virtues of the SeaPerch program is the available leverage to spend as little or as much as you want. Some teachers borrow tools from the wood shop or get help from parents for the construction. Some teachers reuse every part from year to year. The program lets teachers be creative and figure out how SeaPerch best fits into their classroom.

Financial Assistance Available

Additionally, RoboNation, Inc. may be able to help fund your initial build. Start a Kit Order to find out if you may qualify for funding.

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