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Documenting and clearly communicating the engineering process utilized in an engineering project is very important. This information provides insight into the iterative design process and data collected for analysis purposes that supports the final design. 

SeaPerch Technical Design Report (New for the 2020 season!)

For the 2020 International SeaPerch Challenge, teams will submit a Technical Design Report. This report should provide an overview of each team's unique design, approach, and reflection on the design process. This report constitutes 1/3 of a team's overall score. Not submitting a Technical Design Report will disqualify teams from this component of the competition and result in a significantly lower overall score.

Specific instructions for the content and format of this report are provided below.

PDF file Technical Design Report Instructions

PDF file Technical Design Report Scoring Rubric

PDF file Fact Sheet Template (Fillable Format) - PDF

 PPT icon Fact Sheet Template (Fillable Format) - PowerPoint

Engineering Notebook Resources

Developing and using an Engineering Notebook provides students with a good learning experience, and allows them to demonstrate their understanding of engineering principles and design concepts.

Although Engineering Notebooks will no longer be judged as part of the International SeaPerch Challenge, it is strongly recommended that teams maintain a notebook to document their process. The documents provided below marked with "PAST CHALLENGE RESOURCE" include archived information that is provided for informational purposes only and may differ from information and rules used at SeaPerch Regional Challenges. 

Word Engineering Notebook Cover Template (MS Word .docx format) 

RTF Engineering Notebook Cover template (Rich Text Format .rtf)

PDF file PAST CHALLENGE RESOURCE: 2019 Engineering Notebook Guide

PDF file PAST CHALLENGE RESOURCE: 2019 Engineering Process Rubric

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