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Now that you've built a SeaPerch, it's time to take it to the next level. Hacking your SeaPerch can take on many different paths: you can build your own sensors, add a video camera, give your Perch more power, and add some pizzazz, anything YOU can think of. The possibilities are endless!

While you're figuring out your own hacks, you can try these out:

Upload Your Hack at Instructables.com!

Instructables.com is a website dedicated to hacking, modifying, and improving every day technology. While you modify your SeaPerch, take some pictures and jot down some notes, and when you are finished, log in to Instructables.com and add your hack to the SeaPerch group. This is also a great place to get some ideas of how you can hack your own SeaPerch in various different ways.

Visit SeaPerch at Instructables.com!

Advanced ROV

The Advanced ROV demonstrated during the conference featured several new projects available to teachers whose students desire to move beyond the initial level of the SeaPerch's capabilities. Significantly more powerful motors, a Stereo Hydrophone system, a bank of LED lights, and the mounting of instruments such as a compass and depth gauge in front of the camera are just a few of the upgrades. The frame, while much larger than that of a normal SeaPerch, is made of the same materials: PVC pipe with floats affixed on top and weights below.

Below are documents for building components of the Advanced ROV. These are still under development, and comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Sea Star Surface Craft

During the SeaPerch Conference, the Sea Star Surface Craft was unveiled. The Surface Craft project is intended to introduce students to the basic concepts of hull design, and related concepts such as buoyancy, center of gravity, center of buoyancy, righting moment, fluid dynamics, drag, etc. It is based on the forming of a hull out of foam, allowing students to experiment with varied designs. The motor and radio control system are easily movable from one hull to another.

Below are the documents for building the Sea Star Surface Craft. These are still under development, so comments and suggestions are appreciated. Advanced SeaPerch documents will be posted soon.

Other Manuals


Want to hear what is going on underwater?

Build a Hydrophone! A single hydrophone or a stereo hydrophone can be made with basic parts from any electronics store.

Check out these nifty instructions:

Video Cameras

To add an underwater camera, check out these suppliers:

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